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Tracy's Update: Dance Photography!

Hi Guys, Tracy here. Welcome to my world of dance photography!

Pictured - Phoebe Tait, and Louise Finlayson.


I’m finally home from my adventures in New York and back into full swing with photo shoots here at Energetiks.

My 2 months in New York were mostly spent going to Broadway shows, dance performances, exploring the city, seeing sooooo much amazing art at the many galleries…

…AND of course taking lots and lots of photos! :)

One of the best shows I saw in New York was “STOMP” - one and a half hours of dancers and percussionists making a lot of noise and mess, and having fun dancing around with all sorts of random objects such as brooms, garbage cans, match boxes and newspapers. It was so great to see a highly energetic dance show in such a different format to traditional dance performances and styles, and at the end of the show my head was so full of new ideas! To top off a great night, my friend Hannah and I were lucky enough to get the first signed copies of their newly printed programs!

I somehow found some time to do some of my own dance photography – and I was lucky enough to shoot with some incredible dancers.


I also had the opportunity to meet and work with some of New York’s finest dance photographers – it was an incredible experience and I learned A LOT!



Feeling completely inspired and motivated by my experiences in New York, I’m back home with many many many new ideas… luckily it’s the busiest time of year for the photography team at Energetiks – we are currently shooting the new 2013 range for catalogue, calendar, web and EVERYTHING ELSE! It’s crazy but I love it!

At the moment I’m in the process of organising a location photo shoot with some of our lovely models – stay tuned for sneak previews of the new range! :)

"Dance is freedom from reality...." ~ Jacquelyne France

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