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Name: Madison Ayton

Age: 11 years old.

How did you get into dancing, and how old were you?:

Mum took me to a creative movement/ballet class when I was 3 years old.

What do you like about Energetics Dancewear?:

I love Energetiks leotards because they’re the best fit on me, and they have a flattering leg line!

Do you have a favourite style of dance?:

Yes, Ballet.

Where do you see yourself in five years?:

I hope I’m with a major Dance School full-time.

What is your all-time favourite dance movie?:

Mao's Last Dancer.

What is your best dance memory/moment?:

Any time when I’m performing...I love it!!

What’s your favourite saying or advice that inspires you?:

It's worth all the hard work.

Very true Madison :) Good luck with everything!

A violin and a dancing shadow...

Hold on to your dream...