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Stefanie's Update

By Stefanie

6/8/2012 National Theatre Ballet School - Williamstown Performance

So it's time to bump in to the Williamstown theatre for our two performances tomorrow! Now that we are here it's time to lay down the tarkett, which is hard but fun, we need to make sure there are no lumps and that the joins are firmly taped down so that we have a smooth surface to dance on. It's great to see the stage come together, the only problem with the Williamstown stage is IT'S ON A RAKE! ...This will take some getting used to.

7/8/2012 - Performance Day!

Today we arrived at the theatre at 9am for a 10am class on the stage to help us get used to the rake, after that we did a full costume run to practice our quick changes, and then it's time to get ready for the first show!  After each show we go out to meet the audience members, which I enjoy.  It's nice to hear their point of view on our performances.

After the second show it's time to bump out... Arghh it's a long day and rolling the tarkett back up can be more difficult than laying it down. We always have a lot of fun at bump out, everybody is tired but the pressure is off and we get to laugh a lot.

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