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Christmas Cooking Inspiration!

So much pretty food! ;)


Considering the chaotic times that Christmas often brings (what with the barrage of family dinners, Christmas shopping, catch-ups, visiting relatives, kids on holiday, work parties, dinner parties etc...) it's often a good idea to prepare your Christmas cooking ahead of time, and seeing as there's only five more sleeps until Christmas day, if you haven't got started already, now would probably be a good time. And in the wise words of Mr Von Herder (Johann Gottfried Von Herder... that terribly clever philosopher) "Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant" ...So without further ado, allow us to inspire you and kick start the cooking creativity! Bon Apetit!


Christmas tree cupcakes - the 'christmas tree' is a strawberry covered in icing!


Hope you liked them ...If you're like us then you'll probably need to go and eat something now after staring at all that lovely food ;) We might go make a fruit Christmas Tree right now!

Bring on the Christmas Spirit!