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Name: Mana Ogawa

Age: 17


How did you get into dancing, and how old were you?

I got into dancing because I used to always watch my sister in her dance classes and loved it! I first started dancing Jazz and Tap when I was 4 years old and started classical ballet and contemporary at the age of 10 years old!


What do you like about Energetiks Dancewear?

I LOVE that Energetiks dancewear uses vibrant colors which are stunning! It has so much variety of styles that I would love to purchase every single product if I could! The fact that it is Free Shipping Australia Wide on the online store with purchases over $150 is fantastic because dancers need so many things!


Do you have a favourite style of dance (if so what)?

My favorite style of dance would have to be classical ballet because I find it very challenging which always takes me on a journey! It can be tough work but the feeling I get when I accomplish something is just amazing!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself pursuing dance as a career, hopefully one day as a professional ballet or contemporary dancer! I have always had a love for dance since I was born and without it my life would not be complete! :)


What is your all-time favourite dance movie?

My all-time favorite dance movie would be Centre Stage! It is such an inspiring movie and also, I am a big fan of Ethan Stiefel... his dancing blows me away!


What is you best dance memory/moment?

Although I have many dance memories that I love, my best would probably have to be being on stage dancing Clara for the Nutcracker at my old dance school! It was my last year at Northbridge Dance Studios before moving to a full-time school so it was a really special moment for me.


What’s your favourite saying or advice that inspires you?

My favourite quote is from Martha Graham, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.”


Definitely a great quote you picked there Mana, and we think Ethan Stiefel is amazing too! :) Good luck with your dancing, we hope all your dreams come true!

X Energetiks





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