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Tap that - Pitch perfect!

Anyone who has watched musical/comedy success Pitch Perfect (and a lot of us that haven't...) will be familiar with Anna Kendrick's wildly popular song and rhythmical cup routine 'Cups' that spawned hundreds of fan videos, parodies and attempts - many of which are... a little on the awkward side, or hilarious, and then some that are successful and unique in their own right! This would be one of the latter;

Tap dancer Christopher Rice ingeniously substituted the cup-tapping rhythm with what he - and his fellow Broadway tour dancers do best - tapping!

Check 'em out! 


Anna Kendrick's music video, for anyone scratching their head right now :) 


...And one more cute interpretive 'Cups' dance, because good things come in threes, right.?

Food for fitness - the SMART way.

Giselle at the Diner..?

Giselle at the Diner..?