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Giselle at the Diner..?

Giselle at the Diner..?


The Colorado Ballet got creative with this rather hilarious little video promoting their production of the famous ballet Giselle. So what would it be like if Giselle was suddenly plopped into the 21st Century? Watch and find out!

Directed and edited by Sean Omandam. Filmed by Sean Omandam and Francisco Estรฉvez. Cast: Tracy Jones (Giselle), Francisco Estรฉvez (Albrecht), Morgan Buchanan (Bathilde), and Lesley Allred (Myrta) Music: Shelley Duvall - "He Needs Me" Special thanks to Tom's Diner and Colorado Ballet Wardrobe, for respectively providing the set location and costumes.

Tap that - Pitch perfect!

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