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Name:  Maxine Rose           Age:  15


How did you get into dancing, and how old were you? I was two years old when Mum put me in a dance class. She said it was a way of using up my energy because I always have too much!


What do you like about Energetiks Dancewear? I like that Energetiks Dancewear has affordable dancewear, but also gives very good quality and it lasts a significant amount of time.


Do you have a favourite style of dance (if so what)? My favourite style of dance would have to be contemporary because I feel like I can express the way I feel through movement, in the way words can't.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years I will have finished school! I hope to be able to go to a University and complete a Dance Qualification, to then persue my life-long dream of opening a dance school.


What do you like to do when you’re not dancing? You would more than likely find me stretching, but I'd be on Instagram too. I can't live without it!


All-time favourite dance movie: I absolutely adore First Position! The ballerinas are absolutely exquisite with their technique, and I aspire to look like them one day.


Best dance memory/moment: It would have to be being awarded Junior Dancer of the Year or winning Age Champion two years in a row!


Food you can’t live without: Mangoes!


The person you’d most like to meet (living or dead): I'd love to meet Ashleigh Ross or Lady GaGa!


Favourite saying or advice that inspires you: My favourite saying is "Dance isn't just dance, dance is magical." And the best advice ever given to me was from my teacher "You are not a failure, you are a high achiever." She has done so much for me, I could never thank her enough for sticking by me.



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