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Miko Fogarty's San Fransisco Photoshoot.

Miko Fogarty's San Fransisco Photoshoot.

If you haven't already checked out our exciting interview with the uber-talented ballet dancer and star of First Position Miko Fogarty, then go have a read! For the rest of you, here are the gorgeous photos by photographer Ebbe Sweet from our morning photoshoot with Miko in San Francisco!


I am happiest when I just finish a performance in which I danced my best. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

One thing I would say, is to do what you love and love what you do. Also, be able to reset each day as if its a new day not to let any insecurities take over you!


As an extra special treat for all of you Energetiks is giving away this stunning hand-decorated Pointe Shoe by Elly Ford, and signed by Miko herself!! To win tell us about your favourite dancing experience in the comments below (maximum 250 words) and be sure to include an email address so we can contact you. Competition closes October 24th. Goodluck!

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Defending the Dancer

Energetiks talks with Miko Fogarty

Energetiks talks with Miko Fogarty