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Musical theatre audition opportunity - children and adults

MLOC has announced they will be holding auditions for their June production of "Big" The Musical (a musical adaptation of the 1988 Tom Hanks film Big. Later it formed the basis of the movie Suddenly 30 with Jennifer Garner.) Here's the details for any dancers or singers who might be interested (The Musical will be featuring at the Phoenix Theatre in Elwood, Victoria.); Big The Musical

Brief Synopsis: Josh Baskin is sick of being an awkward kid. At a carnival, he makes a wish to the Zoltar machine to become big. To his shock, his wish is granted. After an understandably awkward beginning, Josh is forced to do ‘adult’ things like getting a job and a girlfriend. With the aid of his best friend, Josh must cope with his new adulthood. However, in the end, Josh realizes he should return to being a kid. With Billy's help he manages to find the Zoltar machine, who grants his wish and Josh is able to return to his mom and dad.

The Information Evening will be held at 8.00pm on Thursday, February 7 at the Parkdale Church of Christ hall, 176 Como Parade West, Parkdale.

Auditions are strictly by appointment only and will be held as follows:

  • Tuesday, 12th February from 7.00pm.
  • Thursday 14th February also from 7.00pm.
  • and Saturday 16th February from 1.30pm.
  • Dance Auditions will be held on Sunday 17th February from 1.30pm for children and 3.30pm for Adults.
  • Call backs if required will be held on Sunday 17 February (from 6.00pm)
  • All auditions and call backs will be held at the Parkdale Church of Christ.


Audition bookings can be made by phoning 9589 4912 or by emailing auditions@mloc.org.au.

The show will be presented at the Phoenix theatre in Elwood.


Director Trish Carr
Musical Director Geoff Earle
Choreographer Keir Jasper

First Rehearsal: 21st February.

Rehearsals will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.00pm and some Sundays as required (sufficient advance notice will be given to cast.)

Rehearsal Weekend: 27 and 28 April.

Show Dates Bump In: 8 June Production Week: 9 - 13 June Show Season: 14 June to 22 June

Those intending to audition should be prepared to be available for all rehearsals, production week and all shows.

We always strive to improve our stage performances - so expect the musical to be even better than previous shows.

Audition Requirements

Vocal Auditions and Reading

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your allotted time as this will give you an opportunity to look at portions of script available for reading. All readings will be done in an American accent. Please bring a small, non-returnable photo of yourself including name.

Please prepare 2 pieces of differing music - a ballad and one more up tempo piece that showcases you vocal abilities. Choose your best piece as your first piece as you may not be required to sing the second one. If you feel the chorus shows your voice best then start at that section in the music. Do not be concerned if you are not required to complete your song, this does not mean you have not done well - we may be happy with what we have heard. It is recommended that all auditionees do a vocal warm up prior to entering the audition room to ensure their best vocal performance. Importantly - Please bring sheet music in the correct key.

Dance Auditions

Please arrive at the dance audition early. We encourage everyone who is auditioning to warm up while they are waiting for the audition to begin.

Please wear loose and flexible clothing. Adults and children will need to wear jazz shoes or dance sneakers. Women will need to bring character shoes to the dance audition.

Both dance auditions will begin with a simple warm up. You will be taught one or two routines and asked to perform these routines for the panel.

Dance Requirements

Adults and Junior Ensemble - All cast members will be required to 'move'. Most dance numbers will be in a jazz style, with a contemporary flavour. Some ballroom dance, lyrical and hip hop (junior) will also be included.


Role Gender/Range Age Description
Billy Kopecki male 12 - 14 lead
Young Josh Baskin male 12 - 14 lead
Adult Josh Baskin male tenor 22 - 32 lead
Susan Lawrence female soprano 25 - 33 lead
Abigail female 25 - 40 supporting
Diane female 25 - 40 supporting
Nick male 25 - 40 supporting
Tom male 25 - 40 supporting
Mrs. Baskin female alto 35 - 45 supporting
Cynthia Benson female 12 - 14 supporting
Paul Seymour male baritone 28 - 40 supporting
George MacMillan male baritone 40 - 60 supporting
Miss Watson female alto 30 - 70 supporting
Derek male 16 - 25 cameo
Zoltar male bass 20 - 70 cameo
Mr. Baskin male 35 - 45 cameo
Mr. Kopecki male 35 - 45 cameo
Mrs. Kopecki female 35 - 45 cameo
Rick Birnbaum male 30 - 60 cameo
Ron Barrett male 30 - 60 cameo
Arthur Liption male 30 - 60 cameo

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