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The Choreographic talents of Jacquel Knight!

Star on the Rise


You may not have heard the name 'Jacquel Knight' before, but we can pretty much guarantee you've seen this up-and-coming choreographers highly praised work. Knight is one of the two choreographic talents behind Beyonce's famous 'Single Ladies' music video, no small feat for the then-19 year old, who had had no formal dance background or training!! Knight explains how he got his lucky (but well-deserved) break - "In a nutshell, I went to audition for Frank Gatson Jr. as a dancer for Michelle Williams, from Destiny’s Child. I did the combo and slate and then was asked to freestyle in the genre of ‘house’. I did that and Frank and Michelle both loved it. Later I was called to come in and give a few key steps/grooves, which led to co-choreographing the video We Break The Dawn. This then led to choreographing her promo tour. Then a few months later I received a call from Frank and he said, “Hey, I have this new Beyoncé song that I can’t send through email. Are you able to fly to New York tonight?” The song was Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)". After the video was released it went on to win the Video of the Year at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards as well as inspiring thousands of versions and parodies all over the world, including ones from the likes of PSY and Justin Timberlake, countless flashmobs, and with over 971,135,553 views (as of last year), it has gone down in music video history as one of the most successful, and yet simple concepts, thanks to the fantastic choreography and execution.

The Making Of: Jacquel rehearsing the Single Ladies Choreography with Beyonce (0:01 - 0:19)


Since being catapulted into the spotlight as an emerging choreographer Knight has gone on to choreograph for the hit musical movie Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, as well as starting his own company and venturing into directing and producing. We're predicting big things for this guy!

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