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A sad day for the Bolshoi

A sad twist has unravelled in the shocking story of Bolshoi Ballet Artistic Director Sergei Filin's horific acid attack. Pavel Dmitrichenko, a 29-year-old leading soloist of the Bolshoi company has confessed to organising the attack that was performed by two other accomplices (both of whom have now been apprehended).

"I organized that attack but not the extent that it occurred," Dmitrichenko has said in footage released by the Russian police, who reportedly tracked the three suspects down via their cell phones.

Dmitrichenko is well known for his performance as the villain in Swan Lake, and also for having a "fiery temper", according to fellow Bolshoi dancers. The Russian Newspaper AFP has stated that Sergei and Dmitrichenko clashed after the soloists girlfriend - also a dancer at the Bolshoi - was overlooked for a role, however many suspect there are further motives behind the extreme attack.

Sergei Filin continues to undergo treatment in Russia.


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