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A Dancer's Diary

By Ally.

Hi there everyone.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend.  As weekends go mine was pretty average. I mostly just relaxed and spent a bit of time with my family, which was nice. It always goes that by the time Friday comes I'm impatient for a rest, and looking forward to spending a day in comfy clothes and shoes (...preferably non-Lycra and non-blister giving ones!) and full of expectations for all the interesting things I'm going to get up to.  But the reality is, that by Sunday afternoon I'm always really restless, and eagerly anticipating Monday, because a whole twenty four hours without dancing is just, well, weird...

On a particularly desperate weekend you will probably find me sitting on the couch with my pointe shoes on... or worse, practicing something in the kitchen, which is never a good idea because my kitchen is closet-sized, and I am more than likely to break something, not to mention scaring the neighbours!

Anyway, I digress, because I was trying to talk to you about was what saved me last night, ( just when I was contemplating heading off to the kitchen to do a few fouettes... there's no chance that would have ended well!) Sunday was the very first episode of the new show 'Everybody Dance Now'.  So,  I'm hoping you saw this show too, because as talent shows go, I think it was pretty good (and hey, Jason Derulo and Kelly Rowland as judges is a welcome bonus). I really enjoyed the variety of dance acts that were showcased, and even the circus-style performers (In fact I think Dave Coombs was my favourite, did you see him?  It was like he was gliding around the stage on that hoop, or should I say Mercedes. Yes, he named it! But seriously, I want a go!).  And whilst it has only been the first episode of 'Everybody Dance Now' I find myself already a loyal audience member, if only for the fact that it gets me through my one non-dancing day. It provides me with just enough of a dance-fix to stop me from doing anything embarrassing... So if you haven't already, it might be worth tuning into the show, if like me, twenty-four hours without dance is a bit more than you can handle.

Bye for now lovelies, happy dancing!



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