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Name: Natasha Alderson

Age: 18 years old

How did you get into dancing, and how old were you? I started dancing in preschool so I would have just turned 5. My mum wanted me to start dancing to make me come out of my shell and not be as shy around people. I loved it from the first lesson!

What do you like about Energetiks Dancewear? Energetiks has the best range of dance wear by far. So many different colours and styles to choose from! Always so exciting when you are waiting for your new Leotard or shirt to arrive!

Do you have a favourite style of dance (if so what)?

I truly love them all. But three of them stand out the most to me. Tap, Cabaret and contemporary. The first time I ever put tap shoes on I fell in love.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully at Brent Street Sydney!

What is your all-time favourite dance movie? Center Stage or Dirty Dancing <3

What is you best dance memory/moment? One of my best memories would probably have to be the feeling I had when I walked off stage after my Tap solo. There were 36 girls and boys in the sections and when they announced my name for first place I think my heart nearly jumped out of my body!

What’s your favourite saying or advice that inspires you? “There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing your dream...”

That saying is something has always pushed me to be and do better things.
















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