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Name: Lucinda Age: 14

How did you get into dancing, and how old were you? I was 3 years old and my mum wanted to find something for me to do because I was constantly jumping and running around. She enrolled me for tap, jazz and ballet.

What do you like about Energetiks Dancewear? I love Energetiks dancewear because it is just so much more comfortable than regular clothes to dance in (plus its super affordable! )

Do you have a favourite style of dance (if so what)? I must say that is an extremely hard question! Probably contemporary & hip hop.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If dreams would come true I would be in a hip hop crew, dance company,  or be teaching little kids.

What is your all-time favourite dance movie? Step up!

What is you best dance memory/moment? When I did a handspring by myself on the floor in acro.

What’s your favourite saying or advice that inspires you? "It is better to try and to fail than to fail to try"


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