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Ballet Men - Exciting sneak peak at new ballet mini-documentary!

For some time now, the Aussie Ballet has been producing stunning, visually serene, and completely absorbing videos, that document the different aspects of being a dancer and offer viewers an insight into the lives of the company members, and their latest addition is no different. Focusing on the challenges and highlights of the male dancers 'Ballet Men' promises to be as captivating and visually delightful (how lovely is the camera work and editing, so subtle and pleasant!) as an actual performance by the Australian Ballet (no easy feat!)! For now, we'll just have to enjoy this teaser, and wait with anticipation for the documentaries release on the 8th of May, keep an eye on the TheAustralianBallet's YouTube channel, and here on our blog to watch Ballet Men as soon as it's out.

But for now, enjoy this delightful snippet. :)


Justin Peck and Janie Taylor, movement is beautiful.