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Arts Centre Melbourne Launches Melbourne Art Walk!

Exciting news! Energetiks spotted this article over on BroadwayWorld.com announcing a new 'Art walk' in the style of the Hollywood walk of fame... but featuring inspiring messages from Australia's famous performing artists! Wowie! See below for further details;

'Arts Centre Melbourne is publicly launching the Melbourne Arts Walk, a limited series of crafted plaques honouring the arts to be embedded into the footpath surrounding Arts Centre Melbourne's famous buildings. The plaques, an Australian first, which feature quotations from famous artists celebrating the creativity and passion of the performing arts in Melbourne, can be purchased for $25,000 each.

Taking the idea of Hollywood's Walk of Fame a step further, each plaque will feature an inspiring, uplifting quotation from a leading artist or renowned creative, recalling their experience of performing in Melbourne. Notable performers who have provided quotes for the Melbourne Arts Walk include Guy Pearce, Olivia Newton-John, Paul Kelly, Tina Arena, Silvie Paladino, Robert Lepage, Cliff Richard, Marina Prior, Reg Livermore and many more.

"Melbourne's Arts Walk will celebrate the creativity, passion and inspiration of the performing arts and is a wonderful opportunity for arts lovers to be indelibly linked with the creative and artistic landscape of Melbourne," explained Judith Isherwood, Chief Executive, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Founding supporters who have already purchased plaques, which will be installed by late 2013, include Kylie Minogue OBE, Miss Betty Amsden OAM, Mr Rino Grollo & Mrs Diana Ruzzene Grollo and Mr Graham Smorgon AM & Mrs Annette Smorgon.

Designed by Victorian artists Simone LeAmon and Edmund Carter, the design of the plaques take their inspiration from an imagined spotlight shining down from Arts Centre Melbourne's famous spire, casting pools of light onto the walk ways below.

The plaques, measuring one metre in length, will feature a performer's quotations which can be chosen from a selected list, with each plaque created from bluestone, brass and granite.

The $25,000 Arts Walk plaques are an important fundraising initiative for Arts Centre Melbourne, who receives around 20% of its operations funding from the Victorian Government, with the remainder from self-generated income and private, philanthropic and corporate partnerships.

In recognition of a tax deductable Melbourne Arts Walk donation to the Arts Centre Melbourne Endowment Fund, supporters will be recognised on a plaque alongside their choice of artist quotation.'

Read more about Arts Centre Melbourne Launches Melbourne Art Walk by australia.broadwayworld.com

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