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Introducing our Dancer of the Week!

Name:  Ursula Walker Age:  46

How did you get into dancing and how old were you? I did ballet and tap as a child from the age of 4 - but I gave up tap at about 8 and ballet around 14.  I took up tap again as an adult 3 years ago, at age 42.  It was all still there, in the back of my head, which I find amazing!

What do you like about Energetiks Dancewear? There are lots and lots of different styles so that anyone, of any age and any genre of dance can find plenty of great gear.

Do you have a favourite style of dance? Yes, tap.  It's not only an amazing aerobic workout but I love the complexity and mental challenge of fitting it all together and then doing it with style.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I have just done my first tap dancing exam in 38 years - so I think I will continue working my way up the levels and see how far I can go.

What is your all time favourite dance movie? Well I must admit I have a soft spot for Dirty Dancing, it was such a part of my teenage years.  But of course all the old Hollywood tap movies are great and so inspirational.  I can't believe that women like Ginger Rogers danced so well and so athletically in such incredibly high heels!

What is your best dance memory/moment? Just getting into it amongst a bunch of other middle-aged mums in our tap class - dancing like a lunatic to something fast and furious and getting every bit of it spot on is a real buzz.

What's your favourite saying or advice that inspires you? It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer - Shanna LaFleur

Thanks Ursula we love that dancing has never left you!  Good luck with it all! - Energetiks

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