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Stars who Dance - Men :)

So a little while back we did an article on the celebrities who, unbeknown (for the most part) to us, had pretty serious dance backgrounds! And now, as promised, we bring you part two, which is a collection of all those amazing, inspiring men out there who know how to move-it move-it! ;)

First of all, how could we EVER make a list of dancing men without including Michael Jackson? Simple, we couldn't!

Whilst the 'King of Pop' rose to stardom back in the 1960's due to his silky smooth voice as part of the Jackson Five, it is undoubtedly his moves onstage that helped him become the icon that he is today. Most would agree that no move is quite as famous as the 'moonwalk', which was one of Jackson's signature moves. And whilst MJ may not be alive today, he lives on in the generations of performers and dancers that he's inspired.

Warning: This video contains pretty 'sexy' dancing...


Next on our list is the star of Grease, as well as Saturday Night Fever, in which he showcases some of his funky disco moves! You guessed it, we're talking about John Travolta!

Travolta's dancing earned him heart-throb status in '77 after Saturday Night Fever, and catapulted him to fame, and whilst the moves he pulls may be a bit out of date today, Grease has become a timeless classic, (in no small part due to the dancing!) and will be enjoyed by audiences for many, many years to come.

Check out Travolta doing his thing in this clip from Saturday Night Fever :)


Who do you follow up with after MJ and John Travolta - Patrick Swayze of course!

Voted People's 'Sexiest Man Alive', Swayze was born to a dancer/choreographer/teacher mother, and was the eldest of five children. Growing up Swayze pursued many athletic and artistic activities, such as Ice Skating and Classical Ballet. After finishing school he attended both the Harkness Ballet and Joffrey ballet schools to complete his dance training. Like Travolta, Patrick also got the starring role of Danny Zuko in the Broadway production of the hit musical 'Grease'. In '87 Swayze had his breakthrough role as a dance instructor in the film 'Dirty Dancing' which was a huge success, and became the first film to sell one million copies on video! Unfortunately Swayze passed away in late 2009 due to Pancreatic Cancer, but Swayze's legacy continues in the stage production's, multiple re-releases and sequel that Dirty Dancing spawned :)

Here he is dancing with his wife!


It's time for an Aussie on this list! :) Enter the multi-talented Hugh Jackman, the actor, dancer, singer extraordinaire who was born in Sydney as the youngest of five.

Jackman's mother returned to her homeland England when the youngster was only eight, leaving his father Chris to raise the children, which he did with pride, enrolling Hugh in many extra-curricular classes such as musical tuition, and lessons for various musical instruments. After graduating school however, the strong work ethic instilled by his father had Jackman enrolling in University with aspirations of becoming a journalist, but his desire for performance won out and after taking some part-time acting classes Jackman successfully auditioned for WAAPA (The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts). After finishing his course he transitioned straight into musical theatre shows (many will know him as The Boy From Oz) and went on to forge a successful film career, often showcasing his singing and dancing talents along the way, check him out in this cute-as commercial for Lipton Ice Tea!


The next star we want to mention is the up-and-coming Joseph Jordon-Levitt, a star of the latest Batman film 'Dark Night Rises' and recently released 'Looper'.

The now thirty-one year old joined a music theatre group at the age of four, playing the scarecrow in a production of the Wizard of Oz, but as far as dance training goes, Levitt has done nothing since then... and yet he still showcases some impressive skills in several films and TV appearances. So it's hats off to you Jason :)

Check him out in this adorable 500 Days of Summer clip.


Next up, by popular demand, is the world-famous R 'n B star Usher.

As far as we can tell Usher is also a natural dancer, often referred to as the next best after Michael Jackson (and even better, according to some) we weren't able to find any mention of dance lessons in Ushers childhood or adult life, which makes his skills even more impressive! Have a look and see for yourself :)


Time to talk about the sizzling hot Spanish actorΒ  Antonio Banderas, who made his way onto our screens after garnering much attention in Spain for his critically acclaimed film performances, and subsequently landing his break-through role in the film 'Mambo Kings' (despite speaking hardly any English at the time).

After becoming a full-blown Hollywood celebrity, Banderas was cast as Guido in the stage production of movie/musical 'Nine' alongside experienced performers such as Chita Rivera even though he'd had no dance training whatsoever. For this performance he won the Theatre World Award for Best Actor, The Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical (wow!). Banderas then went on to captivate audiences with his moves in the dance film 'Take the Lead'. Banderas has said that he's never been a great dancer, but we have to disagree, looks like he's pretty good to us! :)


We couldn't really make a list of male celebrities who can 'pull some moves' without mentioning Justin Timberlake. A performer like Usher, this singer, actor, and yes indeed dancer, has been entertaining since the age of twelve, when he joined the Mickey Mouse Club, along with future pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

It was two years later, at the age of fourteen, that Justin really started to use choreography when he performed, after joining the popular boy band NSYNC. Like many boy bands, Justin's group used a lot of dance moves during their performances, and JT continued this once he branched out into his own solo career.

Look at him go!


Our next featured star, Neil Patrick Harris, is an American actor, singer, director, producer and magician (what? wow!) with a penchant for dancing.

Born in 1973, Harris began his career as a child actor, starring opposite Whoopi Goldberg in the film 'Clara's Heart'. Harris became involved in theatre early on in his career, performing in many musicals and stage shows (picking up some dancing skills as he went!) In 2001 he plaved Tobias Ragg in the Musical Sweeney Todd, but since about 2009 has focused primarily on a film and TV career. His brilliant performance during the hosting of the 2011 Tony awards is still one of our favourite awards moments though!


Finally, we've got to mention Channing Tatum, the American actor who starred in the original dance movie 'Step Up' (and married his co-star!), a former model, Tatum grew up in Alabama and later Mississippi and Florida, with his parents and sister.

Tatum is of Irish, French, German, and Native American decent, and in school was a very athletic boy, participating in Football, Baseball, track, Martial Arts and Kung Fu. When he was older Tatum began working as a stripper at a local nightclub before being spotted by a model talent scout one day in Miami. Tatum's first work as a performer was being cast in Ricky Martin's music video 'She Bangs'. From there Tatum appeared in several TV commercials before landing his first serious film role in 'CSI: Miami' the movie. Since then Channing has showed off his moves in Step Up, Step Up 2 and Magic Mike.

Here's a short clip of him in action.



Well, that's all we've got for you for now. Let us know if you think we've missed anyone, or if you have a favourite star performer! :)

And to finish, we'll leave you with these funny dance moments... hehe!

X Energetiks

The "Prime Minister's" Dance ;)


Neil Patrick Harris and and Hugh Jackman argue it out!:


Tom Cruise: er, we think this counts as dancing ;)


Hugh Jackman's Oscars opening number:


Harry Potter, oops! We mean Daniel Radcliffe's Tony Performance!


James Franco and Anne Hathaway's mini Grease tribute!



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