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Pointe Shoe Adventure 2!

As many of you may know, we've been getting pretty creative with our Pointe Shoes here at Energetiks, and so far we've been happily giving away a pair of hand decorated shoes every now and then, but unfortunately not everyone who wanted a pair was lucky enough to win... which is why we're super excited to announce that for ONE WEEK ONLY, you can buy your very own unique, limited edition pair off our online store. After the week is up, the styles will no longer be available (but don't worry, the next week brings a new batch of limited edition styles!). ...You could almost say that the artwork has 'brought the shoes to life' ;) And, well... once again they've been getting up to all sorts of mischeif whilst waiting to go to their new homes!!

Pointe Shoe Adventure 2! :)

It's a sunny day, so our little pointe shoes decide to kick things off at the beach ;)

...Unfortunately they choose a dog beach, and had to frantically avoid being slobbered on by a curious and overly enthusiastic pug (named Oscar)!! Oh well!

It was all worth it to watch the sun set!

The Swan and her ducklings decided to be clever and stay on the jetty, away from the sand and Oscar!

...Others followed suit.

...After that they all made their way over to Luna Park, they were so excited they couldn't keep their ribbons still! ;) No-one was brave enough to go on a ride though...

True to their nature, our little pointe shoes never failed to find a spotlight, and pose for a picture!

I think they decided they were having their very own photoshoot (...What show-offs!)

The next morning a few of the shoes decided to compete for who could find the most colourful backdrop...

Our abstract floral pair thought they had it in the bag!

...but they were beaten by the street art!

Meanwhile our flowery pair was feeling perfectly at home in the gardens :)

And so were our Rose pair :)

This pair decided to try climbing a tree... ironically, for pointe shoes, they weren't that good at balancing! :D  Good thing I was there to catch them!

...They had much better luck balancing on flatter, more solid objects!

...but their favourite part of all? Playing in all the lovely Autumn leaves!! :) What an adventure!


If you like our hand-decorated pointe shoes, you can get your very own unique pair on our website! :)

X Energetiks

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