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Something Magic is happening!!

Who hasn't dreamed of owning their own pair of SPARKLING JEWEL-COVERED POINTE SHOES (Alright, apart from the boys...)!! Well, get ready! Because you might just get the chance! Something exciting is going on here at Energetiks, and as part of the celebrations we're spreading some fun and glitter around! Snap a picture of yourself with our GORGEOUS GLITTERING POINTE SHOES any way you like (draw them, photograph them, screen shot a picture, whatever!) and you go in the draw to WIN a $250 Dancers Wardrobe and get a chance at Winning the shoes for yourself! Just don't forget to tag #isawtheshoes and share it with us on Instagram @energetiks (or facebook, if you're not an instagrammer).

See below for more details: ...P.S. Creativity is ALWAYS a good thing *wink wink*! :)

The Shoes:




The Story:






Some lucky shoppers will find a special Pointe Shoe Sticker hidden inside their online orders! Simply instagram yourself with the ticket to be in the running! #isawtheshoes

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 2.15.25 PM


These pretties sure are out and about!




Some entry examples so far:

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Check out the competition album on Facebook here, and head over to our Instagram here

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